First Consortium Meeting

After many months of planning and fine tuning the proposal, bringing together an interdisciplinary team of experts across the EU, and now many months of online meetings to drive our research, we are all looking forward to being part of the first physical meeting of the consortium.

This will be hosted in the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Barcelona June 6-7th 2022.

Dan Merryweather talks at FIRM2022

Dr Daniel Merryweather from the Loughborough partners of NEUCHiP gave a talk about his work related to the development and fabrication of in vitro neural models at the Future Investigators of Regenerative Medicine (FIRM) conference #FIRM2022.

The conference was held in the delightful setting of Middleton Lodge, North Yorkshire in the UK, with an great interdisciplinary audience attracted from around the world.

In response to a great talk followed by lots of questions about his work, Dan was invited to join the FIRM committee to help advise on the growth of this community and setting up next years annual event.

Eric Hill chats on sofa science

close up of microscope

As part of this informal science chat Eric covers his research interests in stem cell science towards treatments and possible cures for dementia. As part of this he couldn’t resit bringing in some of the really futuristic tools and tech that are underpinning NEU-ChiP.

Tornero’s Lab shows off some fluorescence

Although green might be the colour of choice today with many celebrating St Patrick’s day in the UK and Ireland, the Tornero’s lab in Barcelona are showing off their imaging of neuronal cultures in a rather striking shade of red.

Dementia Researcher NIHR Podcast

Drs Eric Hill (Aston) and Paul Roach (Loughborough) were invited for interview with Dr Sam Moxon (Manchester) to talk about NEU-CHiP and their general interest in brain research.

The interview can be found at the following links:


BBC Midlands Today

Drs Parri and Hill appeared on BBC Midlands Today to discuss the NEU-CHiP project. The reporters visited the Aston centre, taking a look at the laboratory facilities and to get a better understanding of what the project is going to offer.

This was a great opportunity for us to inform a generalist audience, and we hope that we will be able to update as the project launches.

NEU-CHiP on the Radio Airwaves

Dr Eric Hill was invited to appear on BBC Radio 4 to discuss our vision for biological artificial intelligence. It was a lively show with lots of discussion surrounding the work, what we want to achieve and how this will be done. Certainly there are always ethical considerations when human stem cells get bought up in conversation, but Eric gave sound advice to listeners about or cell sources and intention of using these to provide artificially engineered neuronal cell circuits.