Emily Gale

Loughborough University, UK

In a nutshell

My main research interests include the development of tissue engineering strategies to model stem cell behaviour in the development of neuronal networks and also during neurodegeneration.  I am currently engaged in developing stem cell derived models of the CNS in an attempt to study complex cellular interactions that occur in development and disease. 

Research Technician in Biochemistry

Originally from Leicestershire, Dr Emily Gale carried out a PhD at the University of East Anglia creating high resolution multi-proxy reconstructions of Holocene palaeoclimate in the Eastern Mediterranean and Near East using a wide range of geochemical and petrographic analyses in speleothems (cave deposits). Her PhD provided a wide range of experience in material and surface analysis including Mass Spectrometry, Raman and XRD. 4 years ago she moved back to the region to work at Loughborough as a laboratory technician, with duties including managing photolithographic clean room facilities and Raman operations.

With a background in geochemistry Emily has extensive experience as a technician spanning synthetic through to analytical chemistry within academia. Within this project her focus will be in biomaterials developing in vitro stem cell derived models of neuronal networks.

“I wanted to join the Neu-ChiP project for the challenges and new experiences I will be exposed to along the way. I have missed being directly involved in research for the last few years and I am excited to get back into it at the cutting edge of the field!”

Selected Publications