Using human cells to create

Biological Artificial Intelligence

NEU-CHiP is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

NEU-CHiP: Taking complex biological computing into reality.

This is a grant funded by the EU.

The NEU-CHiP project is an international collaboration of leaders across a wide range of disciplines, with a shared focus to engineer and apply human neural cell circuits as biological computers.

This research draws together a network of research working at the cutting edge of scientific discovery to demonstrate how human brain stem cells can be engineered into specifically designed complex circuits enabling them to function as an artificial biological computer. The brain-on-a-chip device will be stimulated and interrogated, being taught to solve problems from data, laying the foundations for a “paradigm shift” in machine learning technology.

Use of AI is becoming ever more prevalent in areas as diverse as healthcare, finance, autonomous vehicles and speech recognition, right through to recommending films through on-demand services like Netflix. The ‘big four’ tech companies – Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook – and many others are investing heavily in machine learning to tailor their products and better understand their customers.

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