Jordi Soriano-Fradera

Department of Condensed Matter Physics, University of Barcelona

In a nutshell

“I focus on the development of in vitro neuronal circuits, biophysical models and computational tools to understand brain’s complexity and functionality, and its alteration upon damage or disease.”

Neuronal cultures, neuroengineering, neurological disorders

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ORCID: 0000-0003-2676-815X
SCOPUS ID: 15048698300

Associate Professor in Physics
Vice-director of the University of Barcelona Institute of Complex Systems

Dr. Soriano is the head of an experimental research group focused in the understanding of the interplay between activity and connectivity in vitro, living neuronal networks. With more than 15 years of experience, the team combines experimental research with data analysis in the context of complex systems (network and information theory and biophysical modelling). Soriano’s research also explores network alterations in neurological disorders such as Alzheimer and Parkinson, and in synergy with medical teams in Barcelona. His research is supported by Catalan, Spanish and European grants as well as private foundations. Dr. Soriano has hosted 3 postdocs and has supervised 5 PhD theses and about 30 master’s and bachelor’s degree projects.

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Selected Publications

  • Comella-Bolla, A.; Orlandi, J.G.; Miguez, A.; Straccia, M.; García-Bravo, M.; Bombau, G.; Galofré, M.; Sanders., P.; Carrere, J.; Segovia, J.C.; Blasi, J.; Allen, N.; Alberch, J.; Soriano, J.; Canals, J.M., 2020, Human pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons are functionally mature in vitro and integrate into the mouse striatum following transplantation”, Molecular Neurobiology 57, 2766-2798
  • Crowe, J.A; El-Tamer, A.; Nagel, D.; Koroleva, A.V.; Madrid-Wolff, J.; Olarte, O.E.; Sokolovsky, S.; Estevez-Priego, E.; Ludl, A.-A.; Soriano, J.; Loza-Alvarez, P.; Chichkov, B.N.; Hill, E.J.; Parri, H.R.; Rafailov, E.U., 2020, Development of two-photon polymerised scaffolds for optical interrogation and neurite guidance of human iPSC-derived cortical neuronal networks, Lab on a Chip 20, 1792-1806
  • Tibau, E.; Ludl, A.-A.; Rüdiger, S.; Orlandi, J.G.; Soriano, J., 2020, Neuronal spatial arrangement shapes effective connectivity traits of in vitro cortical networks” IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering 7, 435