Paul Roach

Loughborough University, UK

In a nutshell

Primarily I am involved in biomaterials and surface engineering research, with much of this focused on neural engineering and fabrication of in vitro models of neural tissue. I am a chemist by background but now span many disciplines to better understand the interaction of cells and their surroundings, and how we can alter these physical and chemical cues to drive cell responses.

Societal Affiliations

President of the UK Society for Biomaterials
Committee member of the Royal Society of Chemistry Biomaterials Chemistry Group
Committee member of the Society for Natural Sciences
European Biomaterials Society
Tissue and Cell Engineering Society

Research Website
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ORCID: 0000-0003-4135-9733
SCOPUS ID: 57209760742

Twitter: @Paul_Roach

Reader in Biomaterials and Interface Science

Dr. Roach has a highly distinguished record of work in the field of biomaterials, involving aspects of surface science, materials modification and sensing. His publications deliver a comprehensive framework underpinning the understanding of biological-surface interactions, with a truly impressive interdisciplinary scope. Dr Roach’s seminal work on protein-nanoparticle interactions opened many avenues for industrial and clinical strategies for surface coating methodologies, both for medical implants and drug delivery systems. His scientific contribution continues to develop in areas of regenerative medicine for neuronal system engineering, combining aspects of surface science, microfabrication and in situ biological sensing.

Selected Publications

  • Asha Krishnan, M., Yadav, K., Roach, P., Chelvam, V., 2021, A targeted near-infrared nanoprobe for deep-tissue penetration and imaging of prostate cancer, Biomaterials Science, 9(6), pp. 2295–2312
  • Borresen, P. Roach, M Kotter, M Slevin, S Lynch, 2020, Mathematical Modeling of Neuronal Logic, Memory and Clocking Circuits, Int. Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 30(1), 2050003
  • M Kamudzandu, M Köse-Dunn, MG Evans, RA Fricker, P Roach, 2019, A micro-fabricated in vitro complex neuronal circuit platform, Biomed. Phys. Eng. Express, 5, 045016
  • M. Köse-Dunn, R.A. Fricker, P. Roach, 2017, Tissue Engineered Organoids for Neural Network Modelling, Advances in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, 3(3), 391-401
  • D. Merryweather, P. Roach, 2017, The Need for Advanced 3D Neural Models and Developing Enabling Technologies, MRS Commun. Special Issue: Biomaterials for 3D Cell Biology, 7(3), 309-319